To My Future Lover

To my future lover: I will not let you down. I will take extra care of you. I will hold your hand for every opportunity I could get. I will smother you with kisses, and I don't care if I'll kiss you on the lips in front of everyone. I'll listen to your day with … Continue reading To My Future Lover


Let’s say the name starts with M.

I met someone. It's a she. She told me she like me so much. We haven't met yet, though. We're still planning too. The thing is, I'm not feeling it. She tries to talk to me almost every day. We asked each other about our hobbies, talents, and our likes and, mind you, nothing ever … Continue reading Let’s say the name starts with M.

#Journal: January 8, 2018

As much as I don't want to, but I have to. As much as I don't want to explain, I have to. Yes, you are still a special person for me. Yes, I still like you. Yes, I have learned how to love even the darkest and most dangerous nooks and crannies of your being. … Continue reading #Journal: January 8, 2018


#Journal: January 25, 2018

My soul screamed and tore itself apart after reading that message. As a perfectionist, I want to straighten up the sins I have committed and I want to mend what's broken. I don't believe in second chances back then, but right now I pray for one. Yes, I still can't get over the things I've … Continue reading #Journal: January 25, 2018


Forever, or never.

...and you jump from one date to another, hoping to find a band-aid solution to that heartbreak you endure. From one girl to another, taking you out for coffee or tea. From one guy to another, having a taste of your lips. In all those dates, you hope that you can find a permanent solution. … Continue reading Forever, or never.


On Infatuation and Admission

So, I did something. Something women find hard to do. I told my crush of 4 years that I actually have a crush on him. It took me almost a year to tell him that. Why did I do that? you ask. I did that because I thought I couldn't move on without me telling … Continue reading On Infatuation and Admission


Cinemas and etiquette

It's Friday night. I just passed my final revised thesis proposal in the Political Science department. I'm with my friends. So we're out to chill. Later on. Me and my friend, Janice, decided to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So, we're inside the cinema, waiting for the movie to start. When the movie started, … Continue reading Cinemas and etiquette