#Prose: January 6, 2018

You know nothing about affection. All that you think of is seduction. You expertly know how to run your hands on different curves You know where to start But you never know any stops You know nothing about love All you have is lust You know what you have You know how to let her … Continue reading #Prose: January 6, 2018


#Prose: February 21, 2017

Icarus was a foolish man. He was told not to hover near the sun. He did, and he died. We all are Icarus at one point in our lives. Our head says no but our heart says go. We lived and loved blindly, foolishly. I had my time. He had his, too. Together, unknowingly, we … Continue reading #Prose: February 21, 2017

#Prose: February 2015

Look me in the eyes And tell me those three words That I’m dying to hear Kiss my scars One by one And tell me that I’m not my past Hold me tight when I’m Caving in Tell me I’m beautiful and stronger than them Make me believe in love And try again Tell me … Continue reading #Prose: February 2015


#Prose: March 2015

I remember, when I was younger How beautiful the fire underneath the burners on our stove was And if I could just reach out and touch it, then maybe Maybe I too could be painted in red and blue. And so when my mother turned away I found out how hot fire could burn and … Continue reading #Prose: March 2015


#Prose: September 2015

will you be at my funeral? i’m just wondering. will you go bury me with my relatives? what will you be wearing? black or white? will you guys release balloons in memory of me? will you guys talk about how i became a part of your lives? did i ever become a part of your … Continue reading #Prose: September 2015


#Prose: May 29, 2015

There are nights when I wake up in the middle and I sometimes find myself struggling or sometimes I would punch the wall where your 4th-year high school picture is taped. Sometimes I wake up scared. Sometimes, mad. And every time this happens, I just look at our picture together, taped on the wall, and … Continue reading #Prose: May 29, 2015


#Prose: Date Undefined

All that we live in is all that we have left Before the raging fire and before we forget We lied, we fly, we loved ‘Cause all I wanted was to be loved No laws, no rules, no boundaries All I wanted was to be free No ties, no binds, no lines 'Cause all are … Continue reading #Prose: Date Undefined