I am weak.

If that is the case, then I am the weakest person I have ever known. I'm an only child. My cousins are way older than me. When I was born my maternal cousins were already in college, with their girlfriends. My paternal cousins live far away from me. I became close to my mother. When … Continue reading I am weak.


Self-care is hard. I am tired.

I keep on seeing posts telling everyone to take care of themselves first or do self care regimens. These ideas really are so enticing and so exciting that you wanna go to the nearest drugstore and pick up different skin care products or wake up early and chase the sun as you go for a … Continue reading Self-care is hard. I am tired.

Dear Cebu

Dear Cebu, Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to leave. It's a sad decision but I have to. At first it was not easy to make this decision and it was not easy to transfer islands. I filled 3 huge boxes of my stuffs from here. Imagine! I almost had a life, or I had … Continue reading Dear Cebu