I am weak.

If that is the case, then I am the weakest person I have ever known. I'm an only child. My cousins are way older than me. When I was born my maternal cousins were already in college, with their girlfriends. My paternal cousins live far away from me. I became close to my mother. When … Continue reading I am weak.


#Journal: January 25, 2018

My soul screamed and tore itself apart after reading that message. As a perfectionist, I want to straighten up the sins I have committed and I want to mend what's broken. I don't believe in second chances back then, but right now I pray for one. Yes, I still can't get over the things I've … Continue reading #Journal: January 25, 2018

Forever, or never.

...and you jump from one date to another, hoping to find a band-aid solution to that heartbreak you endure. From one girl to another, taking you out for coffee or tea. From one guy to another, having a taste of your lips. In all those dates, you hope that you can find a permanent solution. … Continue reading Forever, or never.


On Infatuation and Admission

So, I did something. Something women find hard to do. I told my crush of 4 years that I actually have a crush on him. It took me almost a year to tell him that. Why did I do that? you ask. I did that because I thought I couldn't move on without me telling … Continue reading On Infatuation and Admission