Let’s say the name starts with M.

I met someone. It's a she. She told me she like me so much. We haven't met yet, though. We're still planning too. The thing is, I'm not feeling it. She tries to talk to me almost every day. We asked each other about our hobbies, talents, and our likes and, mind you, nothing ever … Continue reading Let’s say the name starts with M.


#Journal: May 1, 2016

Writer’s note: this was inspired by the movie Ruby Sparks. He was a young adult romance reader. He loved typical skinny girls with long, messy hair, a cigarette on their lips, and a pad of antidepressants somewhere in their medicine cabinet. He had the urge of loving them, taking out the misery from them. He … Continue reading #Journal: May 1, 2016

Wall of Shame.

So, I saw this article about Kris Aquino, a female celebrity/socialite/whatever here in the Philippines, telling Andrew Garfield that her movie beat the first Spider Man movie here. How fucked up is that?! And, who the hell would tell another celebrity, 'hey, y'know? I beat your movie in this country.' That is a form of humiliating that … Continue reading Wall of Shame.