Movie Review: Maleficent


So, yesterday I was in the movies with my mother watching Maleficent. If I could give one word right now, it would be AWESOME.

I had 4 reasons why I watched the movie. First, because of Angelina Jolie. Second, because of the story. Third, because of Vivienne. Fourth, Lana Del Rey’s ‘Once Upon A Dream’.

So, Angelina Jolie. I have loved Angelina Jolie since her first Tomb Raider movie, because that was the time I got interested in seeing action movies that involved women. I was around 5 or 6 years old that time and I was kinda tired with fairy tales already. I was influenced by my father to watch action movies. The first time I saw the movie poster, I dragged my Pa to the movie house and we watched. After that I started to look up to Angelina.


She never fails to impress people with her movies. She might not have movies every year, but when she has it always goes with a bang. She never settles for small roles, she goes big. In Maleficent, it seems that the movie was tailored for her. She was the best woman for the role. I couldn’t imagine any other actress playing that role. Imagine Mila Kunis or Emma Stone playing Maleficent. It doesn’t seem to complete the whole package. Angelina was born to bring Maleficent to life. Angelina is the queen.

And I’ll never forget the time that I tried to convince my Ma to have a Maleficent-inspired dress for prom. I was dead serious.


Second, the story. I like how Disney is trying to deviate to the norm, from Frozen to Maleficent. From Elsa saving Anna from the curse, to Maleficent breaking her own curse on Aurora. It’s a revolution they have started, telling kids that true love is not just seen or felt from romantic partners, but also to people close to you, like your parents or your siblings. They are telling kids nowadays that you/we should honour, respect, and love those who care for us.

By the way, the scene where the pixies dragged the prince into kissing Aurora was hilarious. At least the prince knows his limitations, being hesitant and asking the pixies if it’s okay for Aurora to be kissed by him. Shouts to Disney.


Third, VIVIENNE!!!! For real, the first time I heard on E! News about Vivienne’s debut on the movie made me so excited I was throwing pillows all over our house. For real. Vivienne is so adorable, she’s like a mini, girl version of Brad Pitt like I CAN’T EVEN



I died when Vivienne, as Aurora, approached Maleficent and asked her to carry her up like, ‘Mommy! Carry me! I wanna touch those thingies on your head. Can I have those too?’



Vivienne just stole our hearts in the movie theatre. We’re done. SO DONE.



Lastly, Lana Del Rey. Another queen. Her song is the perfect theme song for the movie. Even before the announcement of the theme song I already knew that Lana would be the perfect voice for the song. And she is. I’m done.


Until now I couldn’t get over the movie. Even my mother. I bet I’ll be getting the DVD when it comes out. *watches movie until le self memorises the script*