Dear Cebu

Dear Cebu, Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to leave. It's a sad decision but I have to. At first it was not easy to make this decision and it was not easy to transfer islands. I filled 3 huge boxes of my stuffs from here. Imagine! I almost had a life, or I had … Continue reading Dear Cebu


Leaving is Overrated. See You Soon isn’t.

People come and go. I just realized that leaving people, especially those people who became a part of your life, sucks. But, sometimes there are those unforeseen circumstances that needs an instant life-changing decision. That just happened to me. I am leaving Cebu. I am leaving the University of San Carlos. I am leaving the … Continue reading Leaving is Overrated. See You Soon isn’t.

What am I to do?

Soon, I'll be packing up my stuffs. Soon, I'll leave the first university I've been. I'm not graduating, but due to some unfortunate circumstances, I decided to go back to my homebase. I've changed a lot. A lot happened that molded and bruised me to what I am now. A lot knew that I did … Continue reading What am I to do?