Wall of Shame.

So, I saw this article about Kris Aquino, a female celebrity/socialite/whatever here in the Philippines, telling Andrew Garfield that her movie beat the first Spider Man movie here. How fucked up is that?! And, who the hell would tell another celebrity, 'hey, y'know? I beat your movie in this country.' That is a form of humiliating that … Continue reading Wall of Shame.



After more or less than a year, I would be walking up the stage to get my diploma. Some, if not all, of my classmates would graduate as cum laude, magna cum laude, summa cum laude. Some, if not all, in the IRFS track, will be one of those three. Maybe, I'm not in there. … Continue reading Headstrong

Cinemas and etiquette

It's Friday night. I just passed my final revised thesis proposal in the Political Science department. I'm with my friends. So we're out to chill. Later on. Me and my friend, Janice, decided to watch Captain America: The Winter Soldier. So, we're inside the cinema, waiting for the movie to start. When the movie started, … Continue reading Cinemas and etiquette


5 AM and I am still awake.

5 AM and I am still awake. I just finished revising my thesis. It took me 9 hours. I missed 2 major meals. Past 11 PM I tried to sleep. I stared at the blurry ceiling until past 12. I got up. Went out of my room. Ordered food with my friend. Stayed out until … Continue reading 5 AM and I am still awake.