Sea of Voices – Porter Robinson: An Informal Review

I know that I don’t give song reviews but Porter made me do it. Not that he personally told me to do one but his latest release prompt me to do it.

Have you ever heard the song yet? If not, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.

I mean, c’mon. The first time I heard it, I swear, it has transported me to another dimension. It made me go like this:


The new style of the song would hypnotize you, will make you imagine what would probably be in Robinson’s head. Now I could say Robinson did translate his kawaii thoughts into music. Bravo. Perfect. I can’t even write my thoughts straight how much more into music?


This review won’t be long. But, mind you, Sea of Voices is a hypnotic bliss that would bring you to another world.


Sorry if I can’t give a comprehensive review. My feels are killing me.


I just can’t. I’m done.


p.s. Tweet me (@pisTASHAnut) if you see a husky in the album art. 🙂


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