Career NO-pportunity

I was scrolling through Yahoo! when I stumbled upon this article: Four Foolish Majors To Avoid. So, as a curious hummingbird as I am, I clicked on the link and read the article, and to my surprise, my degree program is there.

I am a Political Science major, and it belongs to the liberal arts same with History, Sociology and the others. And in the list it is in the very first bullet. My career opportunity goes down from 85% to 10%. I felt like I was holding on to a thread, trying not to fall on the volcano’s crater.

At the first place, why did I even choose Political Science? I have a lot of reason. This bring us to my debate between me and my parents.

I always wanted to be a musician or a writer. I was more on the skills, as I observed in the bankable careers, most people who excel are the skillful ones. Long story short, my parents don’t want me to take up music technology or performing arts or creative writing.

So, scratch that. They told me to get a degree that can save my life. I thought on the degrees of the elders in our family. We have lots of lawyers. But I really want to travel the world. I could get agricultural engineering, but that will throw me to the department in this country that has a low budget, I have to ask forgiveness from my grandfather who’s already in the heavens for that. I also can’t be a doctor because I hate science and blood freaks me out. I just decided to become a Political Science major.

But wait! It isn’t JUST a political science major, but an International Relations and Foreign Service major. And going back to the opportunity scale, from 85% it’s down to 60%.

Why? Because, in this degree, you are trained to become the think tanks and your country’s lawyers. By country’s lawyers I mean diplomats. The opportunity scale dwindles down to 45%. Again, why? It is so specific. And after you graduate from college you have roughly 3 choices: take the Foreign Service Officer exam; go to Law school, or; be a professor; in which I am now considering 0 of the choices. I don’t want to go to Law school because I don’t want to defend the wrong. (based on experience. I cried inside the court because the victim’s case was dismissed. But I was just in the audience. I didn’t do the defending and stuffs.) I don’t want to be a professor because as time goes by it becomes mechanical and I couldn’t catch the attention of the people if I’m just talking in front of them. (How I knew that? No one’s listening to me when I report school stuffs but when I sing all eyes and ears are on me. Not boasting but it’s just the truth and nothing but the truth.) Nothing new. Should I take the FSO exam? I don’t think so.

Now, I am about to finish my second year in this degree. What fuels me to continue? My parents are paying for my college education, so why would I waste my time here?

Basically what is my point? My point, or ‘points’ rather, here is that nowadays the employable degrees are the ones that focus on skills and skills alone. A little brain, to be quite honest. All you need to have are those skills. What skills? Your talents. Another, my parents, as Asians as they are, are so focused on the Academic aspect of life. Having a degree is very important to Asians that it becomes a superficial thing. Thirdly, lawyers have their lives at stake, especially when your client’s opponents are the big ones. When you are a lawyer, it seems like you are also digging your own grave. True story. Our neighbor, who is a lawyer, told me that. So, no thanks. Fourth, being an FSO means that you’re representing your country abroad. Sounds cool but for me it’s mechanical. You just walk, go to meetings, talk about the foreign policies, issues and events. Just that. It is as bland as eating rice alone. And lastly, the world changes every minute of our lives. In every breath we take, there are a lot of changes that are happening around us. If we want to be like our grandfathers who travelled a lot during their youth, let’s reflect upon it. Do we want his degree or just the fact that he’s traveling all around the world? If you want the former, then go. No one’s stopping you, my friend. But if we want the latter, then choose a degree that is correlated to your interests and skills and go for that degree. Don’t commit my common mistake.

Regretting is a waste of time. If you already did it, then why not just get something good out of it. Like me. I’m having good grades because I just want to impress my parents. (I know that’s a negative motivation but what can I do? Asians.)

I should have taken up Music Technology and be a producer.

If you want to learn the other 3 degrees not to earn, click here.


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