Course of Life

Curriculum Vitae (noun) – a brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience, typically sent with a job application.

Now that I’m in one of the serious years in college, second year, our track adviser keeps on telling us to work on our curriculum vitae. She also told us to make blogs and define our spot in the cyber world. This makes me think. What have I’ve been doing in the cyberspace? In this light, I am willing to assess my accounts.

For the record I have 9 active accounts in different sites. I have my Facebook, as everyone has one, Twitter, this WordPress account, MySpace, SoundCloud, and Formspring, Polyvore, and Tumblr. I will describe each of my accounts.


  • This is the only account where I am so clean. Why? Because of my teachers and my parents and other relatives.
  • You can say that I am fake, but I can’t just go loose myself in this site or else I’ll be bashed.
  • I don’t really stay for a long time in this site. I just log in and check what’s up and close the tab.
  • I talk about music and fashion and creative writing here.


  • Aha. Twitter. The place where I can do virtually anything.
  • My relatives follow me there but I think they don’t care about the things I say in there.
  • The most vulgar site I ever have. (Not really)
  • The real me is here.
  • I mostly talk about music: listening or making music.
  • I also talk about fashion.
  • I am apolitical sometimes.
  • Employers won’t see this appear in Google when they’ll look up for ‘Natasha Carpina’


  • My online journal.
  • I talk about the things that happen to me. Mostly not related to school.
  • A place where I express my half-hearted regret on choosing my college path.
  • I talk about music, and how I badly want to be in it.


  • We all know what’s in MySpace: music. So, basically I post my covers here.


  • A producer once said ‘If you want producers to see you, post your songs in SoundCloud.’ (Holla to Zedd), so this is the place where my musical goddess plays.
  • My secret sanctuary.
  • A place where I express myself musically. and Formspring

  • These are example of sites where people submit questions for you to answer.
  • It’s like my Twitter account, I just answer stuffs.


  • A site where I integrate fashion and music.
  • Also one of my secret sanctuaries.


  • My dreams in photos.
  • It is like Twitter and WordPress and Photobucket combined.
  • Mostly music and fashion.
  • You wouldn’t see this appear under ‘Natasha Carpina’

Now I feel a little lost. My curriculum vitae consists of things related to fashion and music. What do you think my future employers who are in the field of foreign affairs will think of me?

This leaves me a question: Am I really born to be in the IRFS arena?