A Day To Remember…And Reflect Upon

Remember this day. November 16, 2012. The second time I got drunk, and wasted. So wasted.

I’ll start by telling you our U-Nite.

It’s the University Night. Everyone was there. Bands from different colleges were playing. I was there. Then one of our friends gave me a mock cocktail. Everything was fine. Perfectly fine.

Then after, as usual (and as the tradition of College students), we went out to have some drinks. We were in this pub called Figola and had some shots. After a little later, the friends of one of our friends came over and met them. They were undeniably cute, believe me.

Then the climax. We went to this club named Alchology (great name for a club, yeah?) and went dancing. We were just 4 of us remaining, so we savored the moments. Why I called this the climax?

Here’s the story.

I was dancing on the wall when this guy locked me on it. I looked at him and he moved in closer. He asked me something but the only thing I could reply was ‘What?’. For real I cannot hear anything he says. Then later on I heard what he was asking me. He asked for my name. I told him. ‘Tasha.’ Then he grabbed my arms up to his shoulder and glided his hands under my shirt. If you think I wasn’t on my senses that time, well, I was. I put down my hands and shoved his out of my bare skin. He looked at me and I looked back. I don’t know what he was thinking but he decided to close the gap between us. He was really close. So close that I could smell his perfume. Then I felt he was pulling the collar of my shirt. Then I knew he was peeking on my breasts. For some unknown drunk reason I was waiting for him to kiss me on the neck or somewhere but he was delaying. I don’t know why (I know I sound like a bitch.). I looked over his shoulder and I saw my guy friend (well, he’s actually gay but he can help). I tugged his sleeve and he saw me stuck on that guy. He pulled me and I was free. That was crazy.

I know I sound like a bitch or, worse, a slut, but I have just allowed that guy to do that to me. Things like that would happen, if only the got was hot or handsome. But, forget it.

The point of all of these is, I don’t want this to happen to anyone of you, readers. If ever you drink, don’t drink like crazy, or like me. I want you to be safe. Don’t ever drink senseless. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you, like this. I don’t care if you’ll forget me, just remember to drink responsibly. Don’t ever think about me, just think about yourselves.

I care for you. In fact, for everyone.


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