A Day To Remember…And Reflect Upon

Remember this day. November 16, 2012. The second time I got drunk, and wasted. So wasted.

I’ll start by telling you our U-Nite.

It’s the University Night. Everyone was there. Bands from different colleges were playing. I was there. Then one of our friends gave me a mock cocktail. Everything was fine. Perfectly fine.

Then after, as usual (and as the tradition of College students), we went out to have some drinks. We were in this pub called Figola and had some shots. After a little later, the friends of one of our friends came over and met them. They were undeniably cute, believe me.

Then the climax. We went to this club named Alchology (great name for a club, yeah?) and went dancing. We were just 4 of us remaining, so we savored the moments. Why I called this the climax?

Here’s the story.

I was dancing on the wall when this guy locked me on it. I looked at him and he moved in closer. He asked me something but the only thing I could reply was ‘What?’. For real I cannot hear anything he says. Then later on I heard what he was asking me. He asked for my name. I told him. ‘Tasha.’ Then he grabbed my arms up to his shoulder and glided his hands under my shirt. If you think I wasn’t on my senses that time, well, I was. I put down my hands and shoved his out of my bare skin. He looked at me and I looked back. I don’t know what he was thinking but he decided to close the gap between us. He was really close. So close that I could smell his perfume. Then I felt he was pulling the collar of my shirt. Then I knew he was peeking on my breasts. For some unknown drunk reason I was waiting for him to kiss me on the neck or somewhere but he was delaying. I don’t know why (I know I sound like a bitch.). I looked over his shoulder and I saw my guy friend (well, he’s actually gay but he can help). I tugged his sleeve and he saw me stuck on that guy. He pulled me and I was free. That was crazy.

I know I sound like a bitch or, worse, a slut, but I have just allowed that guy to do that to me. Things like that would happen, if only the got was hot or handsome. But, forget it.

The point of all of these is, I don’t want this to happen to anyone of you, readers. If ever you drink, don’t drink like crazy, or like me. I want you to be safe. Don’t ever drink senseless. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you, like this. I don’t care if you’ll forget me, just remember to drink responsibly. Don’t ever think about me, just think about yourselves.

I care for you. In fact, for everyone.


part of my story: the really cool fight scene-Tanya Sanchez versus Joshua Stewart

Writer’s note: this fight scene will be included in my new story, Redeemer. the story is about a prima ballerina who transfered to a new place where her graceful side will be challenged. surrounded by hiphop dancers and enthusiast, Tanya (the prima ballerina) will get to meet Chase Mallore (the mysterious guy in her eyes), the leader of the famous dance group in L.A., the East Side Motel Gang. they then fall in love with each other. soft to hard. will Tanya let Chase realize that he’s holding a crystal vase? or will Tanya realize it’s time to change course?

now, for the really cool fight scene….


“Hey, are you sure you’re mom’s not going to be frenzied in what you are doing?” Chase asked his girlfriend. “Mom knows when and what time I go home.” Tanya said, leaning on the lighted post. Chase leaned on the brick wall and said, “You know, it’s getting to be silent. It’s almost twelve midnight. Aren’t you scared?” he said. “Nope, I can fight.” she answered. “A prima ballerina can fight? Kapoera?” he teased. “Stop joshing me around Chase! It’s almost midnight.” she said, half-realizing that it’s one minute to midnight. “Well, had fun?” he said, reminiscing the memories on the bar. “The music’s still rings my ears.” she said. Chase turned his head when he heard some heavy footsteps. About 5 people. “That may be the people from the bar.” he said. But Tanya’s heart was pummeling in her chest. She sensed some danger. “Chase, are you sure that it’s just the people in the bar?” she asked in a scared voice. “You scared? Come.” he extended his hand and she leaned by his side. The footsteps we’re getting louder. They could hear the murmurs.  “That may be them.” a familiar voice said. Tanya gasped some air. Could that be Josh?

“There you are.” the voice said. “What do you want?” Chase said, standing up straight and putting Tanya behind him. “What do we want? Hmm…the girl.” the voice said then he stabbed Chase straight to his side. Blood flowed out from the wound and Chase fell, clutching the knife. “Come with us, Tanya.” the voice said. “No I won’t!!!” Tanya shouted and kicked the boy in his crotch. “Ow! You insolent girl! Tim! Help me in here!” the boy said. Then Tim got her arm and held her tight. Chase struggled to stand up and save Tanya. “This-is-for-you-freak!!!” Chase put all his remaining effort to stab the stranger but the knife just cut the stranger’s arm. “Ouch! You! James! Beat him up!” the big guy, James, beat Chase up. “Chase! No!” Tanya screamed and cried “Help!!!” from the bottom of her lungs. The police siren was heard from the scene. “Uh-oh. Guys, run now!” the leader said, then they all ran. “Chase! No!” she put pressure on his wound. “Tanya, if anything happens, just leave me here. Go home.” Chase said with his remaining strength. “No, I will defy you this time Chase. I would.” The police went near them and carried Chase to the police car. Tanya got her purse a foot away from the scene and she saw a dog tag. “Joshua Stewart. I’ll really kill you now!” she hissed and went to the police car.

Chase and Tanya was rushed to the emergency room. He was so pale that he’s loosing a great expanse of blood. Tanya cried even though she is in a state of shock. “Excuse me miss but is your boyfriend’s name is Joshua Stewart?” the nurse asked her. “No. My boyfriend’s name is Chase Mallore. Joshua Stewart is the enemy.” she said through gritted teeth. “Oh, okay. Thank you.” the nurse said. “Tanya!” Cheska came bursting out of the emergency room’s door together with Trace, Jay and the East Side Motel Gang. “We heard the news. How are you?” Trace asked her. “Chase’s loosing a great amount of blood.” she said, clutching the dog tag with anger. “What’s this?” Jay pointed at the dog tag. “Our enemies identification tag.” she said in fury. Tanya stood up and went to the hospital’s corridor. “Hey, Tanya! Wait!” Jay said and Trace, Katrina and Cheska followed her.

“I can’t help to see Chase suffer like that!” Tanya’s mood shifted to agony, “He can’t die!” she weeped. She then heard the same heavy footsteps coming from the end of the hospital’s corridor. Tanya became hot, her ears became red and then she hyperventilated. “Are you okay Tanya?” Katrina asked her. The footsteps became louder. She looked at the source of the footsteps and stood up quickly to punch the owner of the footsteps. “You damn person! How can you do this to me!” she hollered to the man. “You don’t know what you’re talking about, Tanya” Josh said. Trace and Jay are already holding Tanya to prevent further damage. “I don’t know what I’m talking about?” Tanya struggled and threw the dog tag to Josh will all her might, “What’s that? That’s yours, stupid! You should be in New York this time! But where are you? Here in Los Angeles! To what? Kill your idol! You are such a moron!” she yelled again. Josh was just as calm as the air outside the hospital, feeling the victory inside him. “Oh, I killed my idol? Is that what your angry for, Tanya?” Josh said. “What do you think, Joshua Stewart? You just did that to try to get me! Nincompoop!”she spat. “Really? Don’t you forget that you are New York’s finest prima ballerina? Don’t you forget that.” Josh said, a hint of anger in his voice. “And you are one of N.Y.’s greatest hip-hop dancers Joshua! And you’re now a criminal! You’re breaking the name of MMAC, Mr. Stewart.” she hissed. “Tanya?” her mom arrived in the hospital. “Oh, hi Mrs. Sanchez. You’re daughter is having a-Ouch!” before he finished his sentence, Tanya struggled from the two boys and punched Josh straight to his nose bridge. “Tanya! Stop it!” her mom was the one grabbing her now. “Get-him-out-of-my-face!” she stuttered and the boys grabbed him back at the emergency room. “Katrina, what happened here?” her mom asked Katrina. “That Josh almost killed Chase.” she answered. Tanya’s sobs became loud. “You mean Joshua Stewart?” she said and the two girls nodded.


Note: This is an excerpt of my long-going story that doesn’t have any title. I wrote this and published a part of this in the world wide web 3 years ago.

Chase approached Tanya after her group’s performance. He then placed his arm over her shoulders and whispered to her ear, “I can’t believe it you can be wild in the dancefloor.” Chase began caressing his lips on Tanya’s left side of her face. “Hey, cut it out Chase!” Tanya said, wrapping Chase’s hips with her left arm. “Why can’t I? I’m your boyfriend.” he said while locking Tanya on the wall. “Yeah, I know that. ” Tanya touched the tip of Chase’s nose. “Well, why don’t you kiss me?” Tanya smiled and kissed him on his cheek. “Nah. Not their. Here.” Chase pointed at his lips. “It can wait.” Tanya said, tossing her arms at Chase’s neck. “I’m not patient to wait such time.” Chase moved closer to Tanya. “Oh, yeah right.” Tanya said, letting her hand run on his hair. “I know you want it.” Chase seduced her. “Haha for now.” Tanya smiled and really kissed Chase. On his lips. Chase responded immediately, in sync with Tanya’s.


“Hey! Where have you been?” Trace asked the two. “Somewhere out there. Martini please.” Chase said and asked the bartender for a Martini. “Really?” Trace said. “Yeah. Really.” Tanya said, carrying a Tiger’s blood. “Have you sipped your cocktail?” Trace asked her. “It’s still virgin.” Tanya said and sipped the cocktail. Trace smelled something fishy. Tanya’s lips are too red to be. So do Chase’s. “Do you two have fever?” Trace asked them. Tanya bit her lower lip and faced Chase, who licked his lips. “Nah. Maybe it’s just too hot in here. Chase, I’ll look for Cheska.” Tanya lied and went out.

…another chapter……………………………………………………………………………………..

Tongue-twisting. Lip-licking. Tanya was so disturbed. She wants more, but she didn’t want to do it again with Chase. He’s too harsh. A fast mover. She can’t go on Chase’s pace. She’s too fragile to handle. Tanya leaned her back on the wall. She now stays on an empty hall on East Chil Bar. Luckily, there’s more breathing space. Se hears a pair of footsteps, hopes it’s Jay’s. Light blinded her and she heard her name. “Anya? Is that you?” the voice said. “Yeah, it’s me.” she said, closing her eyes. “Oh. Jay here.” Jay said while going near her. “Any problem?” he asked her, locking her again on the wall. “I’m fine.” Tanya said. “Sure?” Jay said. “Ok. I think I’m going to break my mind.” Tanya sighed. ‘Me too. I think I’m about to loose. Out of control.” Jay said, tracing Tanya’s lips. This is a good sign. “Why?” she shrugged. “Dunno. Maybe…” Jay run his fingers on Tanya’s face, “…I’m just longing for something.” Tanya smirked, “Your girlfriend?” she said. “No. No girlfriend since birth.” Jay smiled. “Soft, kissable lips. Beatiful.” Jay traced Tanya’s lips again. Tanya braced herself for the onslaught of Jay’s kisses. Jay lifted Tanya’s hand with his free arm and placed it on his lips. Tanya traced his lips too and let her hand fall on his chest. Tanya opened her eye and found Jay just inches from her face. Jay touched her nose with his lips. Tanya placed her arms on his shoulders, moving him closer to her body. Jay then embraced Tanya on her hips. “How come you’v decided to do this?” Tanya asked him. “‘Cause I’ve sensed you kinda need this thing.” Jay kissed Tanya, and she responded. Unlike Chase, Jay handled her carefully. Moving gently as he could. Jay glided his hand on Tanya’s chest, feeling he heart beat fast. ‘Will he go farther?’ she thought. ‘He might, but he won’t.’ her conscience answered her own question. Tanya pulled Jay closer to her, feeling his heart move on it’s place. On the course of their action, Tanya heard footsteps, ‘Hope it’s not Chase.’ she thought and still continued to kiss Jay. The footsteps became louder. It was Chase. Chase looked at the hall where they were. He glanced to the couple. He walked backward and looked at the figure aggain. “Shit. Tanya.” he whispered and went down angrily.