Trust Mothers, You’ll Never Fail

I already got the essentials in getting a guy in life. And I got them from my mother.

I present to you my mother’s ‘You know it’s him’!

You know it’s him…

  1. when he’s deeply interested in you.
  2. when he likes every bit of you, albeit your weirdness.
  3. when he can’t stop talking to you.
  4. when he lets you cram up his hair.
  5. when he catches up with you.
  6. if he’s not feeling the awkwardness in an awkward situation you two are in.
  7. when he doesn’t care on how you look.
  8. when, at the sight of him, you always smile.
  9. when he cares for you and being an all-gentle guy.
  10. when he doesn’t want you to say good bye, even if you need to go home. Just say, ‘see you soon’ then he’ll be ok.

So, these are the 10 wise words from my mother. It would be nice and proper to share it all to you.


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