We Rock The Night: Post-Debut Celebration Part 2

We really rocked the night. This was the second and the last part of my debut celebration and I went home early in the morning of September 2. And now I’m writing this with a light head. I had a couple of shots and maybe my medication lowered down my alcohol tolerance level.

So, let’s do a little recap on what happened, shall we? 🙂

Everything started when I was prepping myself up for the night. After we watched the play, I went with my guy friends because I needed some help in the presentation. And on that day, it was also one of my guy friend’s birthday so he treated us to McDonald’s and had some fillet and sundaes. After lunch one of the guys and I went to his house so I can jam on the guitar when suddenly, as we stepped out of the mall it was raining cats and dogs. Raining cats and dogs. Big problem. There were puddles, puddles everywhere. But I was worrying most of the venue, because that area was prone to flooding (good thing it didn’t flood there. I was updated.). So we rode a cab going to his house, picked up a friend who’s waiting on the corner to their subdivision, conquered the almost overflowing creek and we finally arrived to their house. Once we were there we had rounds of Glad You Came by The Wanted until they were complete in the house. After almost 6 rounds I left them, hitched a ride with the mom, went to the other mall to get something for my friend who treated us earlier (I got him that One Direction magazine thingy, wrote outside the envelope that it was an FHM magazine. When I gave it to him and he opened it, he was jumping.), then back to my dorm. Unfortunately when I arrived in my room my head was spinning and I was feeling so sick. I wanted to throw up but I can’t. I just tried to ignore it and dressed up.

Evening. I left my dorm around 6 and arrived at the venue around 7. An hour travel. That’s the average. Then we were prepping up the place then people started arriving around 8:30. We had 18 Truths About Tasha that was so funny and so…controversial (?) that made me blurt out the name of the one who ‘gave me the flowers last August 29’ and received that shocked reaction from one of my dorm mates who I bet knows him. Then after that we sang ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ then after I sang ‘Glad You Came’ as a thank-you song. Then the drinks came flowing in and the dancing started until the morn. 

We officially ended the party around 2 in the morning. I was getting sleepy and it’s really time to go home. So, we all went home. 🙂

The debut celebration was one of the things that I didn’t expect to have. To tell you, 3 months before August I really thought I won’t have a debut celebration because I don’t know what to do on that day or week and I also don’t know how to celebrate my debut. I had ideas in my mind but I don’t know how to put it into action. Good thing I have my close friends with me to help. I owe them my life, really.

We were just a small number there. But even though we didn’t reach the expected number of partygoers, we still had fun. The population doesn’t matter, what matters most is the thought and the experience. 🙂

Everything’s ok. 🙂

I still can’t stop laughing on my guy friends’ gift to me. Aside from the headphones, they gave me a Barney VCD. Come on! Let’s watch it together! 😀 (It’s our private joke. Don’t ask because it’s hard to explain. Just kidding.)


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