The Wanted Live In Manila 9-14-12

Hello there!

[This is a post dedicated to all my fellow TWFanmilya, as we call ourselves. :)]

So, this coming September 14, 2012, the sexiest British boy band will be in town! No need for any guesses because The Wanted is the only sexy boy band alive (I welcome rebuttals but for me they are the sexiest boy band alive). And because I love my mates, here are some crazy tips. (It’s up to you to follow or trash them. You know I’m a bit weird. And this is also applicable to any concert you wish to attend.)

  1. Keep calm and breathe – you know some people tend to forget their breathing and later on they faint. Don’t forget to breathe. Relax.
  2. Bring water – very, very, VERY important.
  3. Charge every gadget that you have to use – of course no one will forget that.
  4. Don’t bring a bag – the tendency is, it might get squished or (God forbid) someone might steal something from the inside.
  5. Wear close shoes – you don’t want people to break your toenails, do you?
  6. Use codes and put your parents on speed dial – if something bad happens (or whatever).
  7. Meet other fans beforehand – this is a good thing to do.
  8. When you’re in the venue, check and remember the emergency exits
  9. Make sure you’re jumping on concrete
  10. ENJOY! It’s one of the best things that’s happening in your life!

Those are all. I wish all the fun in the world for those who are going to the concert. I’ll meet them next time. For now I’ll jam with Franco, Up Dharma Down and Gloc9. 🙂


Trust Mothers, You’ll Never Fail

I already got the essentials in getting a guy in life. And I got them from  my mother.

I present to you my mother’s ‘You know it’s him’!

You know it’s him…

  1. when he’s deeply interested in you.
  2. when he likes every bit of you, albeit your weirdness.
  3. when he can’t stop talking to you.
  4. when he lets you cram up his hair.
  5. when he catches up with you.
  6. if he’s not feeling the awkwardness in an awkward situation you two are in.
  7. when he doesn’t care on how you look.
  8. when, at the sight of him, you always smile.
  9. when he cares for you and being an all-gentle guy.
  10. when he doesn’t want you to say good bye, even if you need to go home. Just say, ‘see you soon’ then he’ll be ok.

So, these are the 10 wise words from my mother. It would be nice and proper to share it all to you.

Breaking Hearts and Twisted Minds

Everyone knew we would never be together

It wasn’t meant for us

It wasn’t written on the stars

Planets will collide if it happens


You never knew what you did to me

You made me crazily insane

You made me say

‘He’s the guy I’m looking for’


I told my papers I’ll love you

You were that guy I can love

No hates

No regrets


But I regretted

You went for another girl

I wasn’t like her

Never be like her


You gave me this

And I always get this

A broken heart

And a twisted mind


Trying to be sane

When I am already insane

Trying to be happy

When I am already broken


At least I’m intact

Unlike glass

That breaks into pieces

I’m still in one piece


I’m that tough

That’s the only thing

You won’t see in her

Hope you’ll be happy with her

Acredite-me, mim estão feliz – Believe Me, I am Happy

To be honest there are a lot of things going on in my head. I know I shouldn’t over think about it but I am over thinking. So far I am smiling and being happy. Yes, I am happy because I am. But inside my head, I keep on asking myself the why, how and what. Why that happened? How come it wasn’t me? What does she have that I don’t? i know I can’t answer that first question but I know the answers for the two.

How come it’s not me? Simple. I’m just an ordinary girl. I don’t have those countless sashes and crowns and trophies. Only countless guitar picks and journals and books. I don’t go up the stage in a gown and answer crappy questions. I do nothing. The stage is for people like her. People don’t find me appealing. I’m just nothing. Just another someone. I have nothing.

What does she have that I don’t? I already answered that. Another thing, she’s pretty. Of course I’m not. No wonder he chose her. Go. If he loves her then go. You two are meant. That just means I’m meant for someone else. Not him, maybe better than him. Good.

My friends thought I’m disappointed. Actually I’m not. I don’t care. He likes her, fine. They can continue their business. I won’t be nosing around. I won’t pray for their breakup. I’ll just keep calm and carry on.

Seriously, I just smile. No one knows what’s going on in my head. Only me. And I know deep inside I am happy. It just shows that he is not the one God wants me to be with. Maybe he’s just somewhere. When before I am so negative towards things like this, now I keep my head high and hopes higher.

These are just my thoughts. But I am happy, albeit I received the inevitable heart ache.


Don’t she worry about me

I won’t go around when you’re together

I’ll leave you with your happiness

I’ll mind my own business


I’ll be a good girl

I won’t go around telling stories

I won’t sing my misery

I’ll go around, singing,


I don’t give a damn what they do

Just give me a balloon

I’ll go ’round the world

I’ll flash a smile, no one knows

No one knows how I feel

Believe me, I’m happy


Written: September 5, 2012, Wednesday, 3:35 pm, EH404MC, Political Theory

Good Night

I’ll finish this glass of milk that I have and let’s call it a day. Hope I forgot that Hiroshima Bombing and instead I’ll dream of my crush who looks like this guy:

You adorable boy in a beanie with curls. But my crush in school has a shorter hair than this guy, and I don’t know if he dances. Oh well. Life’s good. Milk’s half-empty. Gotta sleep in a little while. Good night, world!


This little girl has gone too far. This was supposed to be a secret from the elderlies but they found the secret way before the secret was covered or even taken down from the cyberspace. I know it’s okay with the other, I mean, it’s the way we partied that night and I know it sounded so stupid but at least it happened only for a night.

How did I know the elderlies found it? It was on my Facebook timeline, and I was tagged on that photo. And my parents, as nosy as they are, they checked all my photos from my party and it was there, the photo was there. So they saw it. But why would they even want to check my photos? I know it’s okay for them for me to go crazy once in a while but I didn’t expect them to see the pics. My mother even texted me that they’re checking the pics and later on she texted me ‘iloveyou’s and ‘goodnight’s, same as my father. Now I don’t know what to do. I know that they know the guy who kissed me is gay but I don’t know what they are thinking right now! I know I should also censor my actions but this was only for fun.

This is the only Hiroshima Bombing from the party. At least I’ll only deal with one problem.

And, oh, by the way, here’s the pic that I meant. I already took it down from my Facebook timeline but it’s in my Twitter account. Don’t worry they don’t have access on my Twitter account.