Suddenly, A 2D Movie Becomes 4D

Imagine this, you’re watching an ordinary movie, then suddenly the floorboard shakes (sounds like Cher Lloyd’s lyrics, pshaw). No, seriously. The seats start to shake and then you think, ‘Whoa! We can feel the action!’. And the most awkward thing? The scene is the most intimate scene in the movie, and the girl takes the pounding. BOOM.

But, let’s get serious. I’m in Cebu and there was just an earthquake at around 8 or something. To be more specific, I was chilling with my homies when suddenly my chair was swaying, and the law building of our school was already dancing. No, I’m not drunk. It just looks like it was dancing, because it was swaying. Then a little later, everything subsided. The phone networks became congested. My parents didn’t get my texts on time. Oh well.

A little while we went back to the dorm and heard that all the dormers went out of the building in just a second. No, not really a second. But they really went out of the building. Then suddenly tsunami alerts circulated around the city. 

It was a mini heart attack for all of us. We were expecting to do another Tsunami Fun Run from the heart of the city to the mountains. But God loves us all He won’t let that happen. Bless us.

So, that was the crazy rock n’ rock experience we had, aside from the additional birthday surprise I got from my buddies (awww, seriously guys. I love you all!!! 😀 ). I’ll leave you with this meme:



Good night!


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