A Toast For Legality: Post-Debut Celebrations Part 1

We all know my birthday was in August 29, but surprisingly it extended to August 31. In my 18 years of existence, my birthday is really celebrated for a week or so. I hope this goes on until forever. ๐Ÿ™‚

Why I can say that I had an extended celebration of my birthday? Well, this is what happened…

Last Thursday, one of my friends whom we call ‘Madame’ texted me. He texted me my whereabouts, I asked him why then he told me he’s going to give me a gift. So, I told him I’ll be in the dorm. I kept on waiting and waiting until I took a nap then woke up and he didn’t showed up. I shrugged it off.

The next day I was in the mall to get my nails done for my debut celebration happening on September 1 (which is one of my friend’s birthday, good thing he’s a guy he won’t steal the spotlight from me. Nyahahahahaha just kidding). He texted me again for my whereabouts. I told him I’ll be in the dorm around 6. And yes, I arrived in the dorm around 6.

I was taking a cab going back to the dorm to arrive instantly because I don’t want to keep him waiting. While I was on my way there he kept on texting me. He texted me if I’m almost at the dorm, then I also texted him that I am already close to the dorm. The cab turned to our block and we stopped in front of the dorm. As I opened the door one of my friends approached me. Then upon entering he covered my eyes and this was the conversation:

Him: ‘I have something from you.’

Me: ‘Whoa. Really? Cool!’

Him: ‘I want you to meet someone.’

Me: ‘Oh my God, not again.’

Him: ‘Someone from school.’

Me: ‘Oh sh*t.’

Him: ‘Your crush.’

Me: ‘Oh no. Please, please. Not him.’

Him: ‘Your classmate.’

Me: ‘Damn.’

(conversation is not that accurate, but the thought was, at least, there.)

That happened. Then when he uncovered my eyes, ‘SURPRISE!’. Almost everyone was there. Turned out that Madame planned everything. They sang the birthday song and gave me a chocolate cake (CAKE! Yum!). Then after that Madame picked up the pie and surprised one of my friends there who passed the nursing board exam. She was equally surprised because I bet she didn’t see that coming. It’s so funny to look at people’s reaction when they’re caught off guard. ๐Ÿ™‚

After that we chilled in the pub near our school when suddenly after how many hours of chilling there the earth shook. That was the previous post all about.

I guess everything that happened from the start of August ’till the last day of it was a prelude to my debut celebration happening on the first day of September. From Davao to Cebu I’ve been dancing to the lively music I’ve been hearing in places where we celebrate my birthday. For sure I’ll be rocking my night to 18 and beyond.ย 

I might grow old, but my friends will remain. To the organizer and my friends who were present in the surprise from August 29 to 31, I love you. Thanks for the flowers and for the yummy cake. I will grow old, but I’ll always be the unTASHAble you know. ๐Ÿ™‚


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