Left or Right, We Stick To The Middle

This post talks about international relations paradigms. It is my assignment in our IRFS opening course but I wanted to share them to you.

Before I took the political compass test, the paradigm that I subscribed to is Feminism. I believed in the concept of valorizing the women. But as I made some readings on other paradigms, I realized that the paradigm I primarily subscribed to does not fully explain well the real world, which is dominated by the male species. On that process I kept an open mind to see what is actually happening to the real world. So I decide to have a paradigm shift. From being a Feminist I turn to Liberalism.

After I took the exam, I got this as a result. As I interpreted it I am a centro-leftist liberal. Being a liberal, I believe on relative peace but sometimes I find conflict as a way to justify the actions or behavior of a certain country. Probably that is the reason why I lie near the x-axis. As to my economic position, I lie on the left, but near the center. Based on my interpretation, I tend to question the government’s attitude towards corporations or even to small-scale businesses. I question why does the government need to impose high tax and how many kinds of taxes do the citizens need to pay to stabilize the economy of a country, why does a country let other countries help themself improve their own countries (in this matter we all know that the said country adopts the concept of self-help) and how does a country manage to keep their interests intact despite the fact that other nations study or make alliances with them. Those are the major questions that I ask when it comes to the economic aspect of a country.

This may not be the final paradigm that I will stick to. It is not all the time that we use one lens to analyze a situation. There are always changes that will happen in the process. But for now, I will stick to this because it can explain the current situation of the world, relative peace.


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