Legal Girl

Finally! I am now a legal citizen of the Philippines. I can now legally drive around the country, I can vote on elections, and I can work, on one hand. On the other hand, I can now get in clubs and drink and buy drinks in supermarkets without having my ID checked (Well, since time immemorial the bouncers aren’t checking the IDs of underage teens going in and drinking in pubs and clubs. They just base it on face value. I look like about 19 during my high school days therefore I had access.). I might look like one of those girls wherein the only thing that’s running in their minds is going out partying. I also balance my studies with my social life. I party responsibly, meaning, whenever I feel that my mouth is very sanitized by the alcohol that I take in, I stop drinking and I start dancing like crazy. You know, I was born from a boom box so when I dance, people would think I’m already drunk. No.

The greeting frenzy started on the eve of my birthday. My Aunts and some of my high school friends started wishing me a happy birthday. After I replied to their wishes, I decided to call it a day.

But my birthday started too early.

One of my best friends called me up in the middle of the night (around 12) to wish me a happy birthday. To be frank it was my first time to receive a birthday call in the middle of the night. I was so grateful by the gesture. Then I slept back.

My mother woke me up. She called me up and she was on tears. She wished me a happy birthday and she even sang over the phone in between her sobs. Then I also cried. This is my first time to celebrate my birthday away from home, away from my parents. And it’s my 18th birthday.

Over breakfast, my father called me up. He also greeted me and he sang over the phone. I also cried. I was wiping my eyes over my breakfast and people were looking at me, but I cared less. It’s a father-daughter encounter.

Then during my first subject, luckily the teacher wasn’t there, so my classmates had the opportunity to play the happy birthday song in replay. For an hour and a half they sang the happy birthday song about 4 to 5 times.

Same on my second subject. The teacher was there and he greeted me. Then again, my classmates sang the happy birthday song. Once. Good.

During lunch, my friends and I ate some chicken barbecue. We were craving for it.

When we came back to school, one of my friends went to the coffee shop on the 4th floor to talk to one guy. That guy was my crush. From the way they moved I knew something was up.

And I was right. After lunch, before our 1:30 pm class started, he wished me a happy birthday. Yeah, something was really up.

Then after classes, I thought of randomly treating 2 of my friends as a ‘thank-you’. We went to this Mongolian restaurant and I burned my stomach. Of course, you know me, I fill my bowl with lots of anything spicy. That was my dinner.

I came back to the dorm and saw a lot of people greeted me when I checked on my Facebook and Twitter. I replied to them and I went back to my normal routines.

Unfortunately, my head isn’t with me to make the reflection on my political compass that is due the next day.

So, that’s my day. That commemorated my 18th year here in Earth.


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