Trust Issues

This morning, during one of my classes, one of my trusted friends told me something. It was about a girl on our curriculum and my crush. My friend was worried I might get hurt or something. But I assured to her that it’s just nothing to me. If there’s something going on between them, the said girl shouldn’t be scared of me. I just have a crush on him and I have other crushes aside from him. He’s not the only guy in this Earth so she shouldn’t worry. Plus, I am nothing compared to her. She’s that kind of girl people say pretty. I’m not. I don’t know how to describe myself but I always say I am an unpolished version of Lovefoxx from Cansei de ser Sexy (yes, I am Asian-Brazilian). I only have a crush on him. 


And I ain’t even mad. 🙂

But the thing I’m bothered was the fact that she knew I was crushing on him. Only 4 of my trusted friends knew it. Then I thought of one of my friends. Out of the 5 she’s the one whom I don’t trust that much nowadays. She knows I have a crush on him and she knew that once I texted her in the middle of the night because I was ‘crazy in love with that guy’. I said that and now I don’t know why I did that. I wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or whatsoever. But the fact that she told a soul my secret is not good.

I can deal with that guy, but with this girl who crossed the line, I shall make my strategies.


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