A Toast For Legality: Post-Debut Celebrations Part 1

We all know my birthday was in August 29, but surprisingly it extended to August 31. In my 18 years of existence, my birthday is really celebrated for a week or so. I hope this goes on until forever. 🙂

Why I can say that I had an extended celebration of my birthday? Well, this is what happened…

Last Thursday, one of my friends whom we call ‘Madame’ texted me. He texted me my whereabouts, I asked him why then he told me he’s going to give me a gift. So, I told him I’ll be in the dorm. I kept on waiting and waiting until I took a nap then woke up and he didn’t showed up. I shrugged it off.

The next day I was in the mall to get my nails done for my debut celebration happening on September 1 (which is one of my friend’s birthday, good thing he’s a guy he won’t steal the spotlight from me. Nyahahahahaha just kidding). He texted me again for my whereabouts. I told him I’ll be in the dorm around 6. And yes, I arrived in the dorm around 6.

I was taking a cab going back to the dorm to arrive instantly because I don’t want to keep him waiting. While I was on my way there he kept on texting me. He texted me if I’m almost at the dorm, then I also texted him that I am already close to the dorm. The cab turned to our block and we stopped in front of the dorm. As I opened the door one of my friends approached me. Then upon entering he covered my eyes and this was the conversation:

Him: ‘I have something from you.’

Me: ‘Whoa. Really? Cool!’

Him: ‘I want you to meet someone.’

Me: ‘Oh my God, not again.’

Him: ‘Someone from school.’

Me: ‘Oh sh*t.’

Him: ‘Your crush.’

Me: ‘Oh no. Please, please. Not him.’

Him: ‘Your classmate.’

Me: ‘Damn.’

(conversation is not that accurate, but the thought was, at least, there.)

That happened. Then when he uncovered my eyes, ‘SURPRISE!’. Almost everyone was there. Turned out that Madame planned everything. They sang the birthday song and gave me a chocolate cake (CAKE! Yum!). Then after that Madame picked up the pie and surprised one of my friends there who passed the nursing board exam. She was equally surprised because I bet she didn’t see that coming. It’s so funny to look at people’s reaction when they’re caught off guard. 🙂

After that we chilled in the pub near our school when suddenly after how many hours of chilling there the earth shook. That was the previous post all about.

I guess everything that happened from the start of August ’till the last day of it was a prelude to my debut celebration happening on the first day of September. From Davao to Cebu I’ve been dancing to the lively music I’ve been hearing in places where we celebrate my birthday. For sure I’ll be rocking my night to 18 and beyond. 

I might grow old, but my friends will remain. To the organizer and my friends who were present in the surprise from August 29 to 31, I love you. Thanks for the flowers and for the yummy cake. I will grow old, but I’ll always be the unTASHAble you know. 🙂


Suddenly, A 2D Movie Becomes 4D

Imagine this, you’re watching an ordinary movie, then suddenly the floorboard shakes (sounds like Cher Lloyd’s lyrics, pshaw). No, seriously. The seats start to shake and then you think, ‘Whoa! We can feel the action!’. And the most awkward thing? The scene is the most intimate scene in the movie, and the girl takes the pounding. BOOM.

But, let’s get serious. I’m in Cebu and there was just an earthquake at around 8 or something. To be more specific, I was chilling with my homies when suddenly my chair was swaying, and the law building of our school was already dancing. No, I’m not drunk. It just looks like it was dancing, because it was swaying. Then a little later, everything subsided. The phone networks became congested. My parents didn’t get my texts on time. Oh well.

A little while we went back to the dorm and heard that all the dormers went out of the building in just a second. No, not really a second. But they really went out of the building. Then suddenly tsunami alerts circulated around the city. 

It was a mini heart attack for all of us. We were expecting to do another Tsunami Fun Run from the heart of the city to the mountains. But God loves us all He won’t let that happen. Bless us.

So, that was the crazy rock n’ rock experience we had, aside from the additional birthday surprise I got from my buddies (awww, seriously guys. I love you all!!! 😀 ). I’ll leave you with this meme:



Good night!

Can’t Even

To be quite frank, starting yesterday, my paranoia doubled up. It wasn’t meant to happen but for me once I brush shoulders with this person I’ll start breaking down on how perfect a person is. It may sound abnormal but it’s my way. If I’ll have a crush on a guy, as much as possible I want to be anonymous. I don’t want him to know anything about me.

It all started around the 2nd week of August. My friends and I were in the elevator going up to the 4th floor when it hit me. He and his friend were also in the elevator. I just mutter song lyrics behind him to calm down my nerves. Then his friend noticed me and he poked him. My crush turned and he saw me. I looked at the floor because I don’t ever want to look at him. Then he turned back and smiled, but he covered his smile. As I have observed he was smiling until we arrived to our destination.

Second and the major one was what happened on my birthday. After that, as much as possible I’ll avoid him. Then this afternoon I stopped walking to give them time to get inside the building. After how many seconds my friend and I followed in and we caught them on the stairs. Then my friend told me that he looked back.

I know those things should have no meaning for me. I am being careful. I don’t want rumors to go around about me and him, or just me. I don’t want to hear stuffs like ‘she’s just another girl who wanted him’ or ‘whoa, that girl has a vagina’ (that’s the feminist counterpart for ‘whoa, that man have balls’. But balls are so sensitive, scientifically thinking. Vaginas are tougher because they can take a pounding. 😉 ) behind me. I wanted to be anonymous. I’m just admiring him, for crying out loud.

I bet he goes on with his life, but in my case, as much as possible, I’ll avoid my chance of bumping him around.

This might happen, but not now, please.



Way Past The Alarm

I hate it when I wake up late and find out that I was holding my phone since the time my phone started the alarm. It’s not a good thing to wake up to, I tend to jump up from my bed and rush to the bathroom. After my bath, it’s still the same. I’m late.

So now, I’m not attending my 7:30 am class. I’ll go to school for my 9:00 class.

Gold and Roses

People give flowers as present because flowers contain the true meaning of Love. Anyone who tries to possess a flower will have to watch its beauty fading. But if you simply look at the flower in a field, you will keep it forever, because the flower is part of the evening and the sunset and the smell of damp earth and the clouds on the horizon.”

– Brida, Paulo Coelho

As you noticed on my previous post I didn’t elaborately relate to you what happened before that 1:30 pm class started. I wish to separately describe what happened, as there are some things that need to be cleared.

I said that when my friends and I returned to school, one of my friends approached this guy in the coffee shop on the 4th floor. I heard her say ‘Let’s just do it later.’ I knew something was up. Why I knew?

1. She just talked to him right now in front of me.

2. She keeps on giving clues on what’s going to happen over our lunch.

3. I saw that guy in the coffee shop. He rarely stays there.

4. I’m getting paranoid.

During my paranoia attack, I didn’t know where to go. Then I saw my friend who got involved in a car accident passing excuse letters to our teachers with her mother. I ran to her and had a little chitchat. After that, I decided to stay in our Cebuano Politics classroom and hangout there with our teacher. Later on 2 of my friends entered the room. Then after a little while the girl who is being said has been (or currently being) courted by that crush of mine arrived. Then this crush of mine passed by and one of my friends screamed his name inside the room, making this rumored girl turn back and look outside (yes, I was observing her actions. Not because I’m jealous or whatever, it’s just I wanted to see her reaction. I’m curious.).

Later on, about 10 minutes before 1:30, my friends started going to our 1:30 pm classroom, which is Religion. I went out with them and I saw this guy getting inside our classroom. That I knew I’ll be caught off guard. So I tried calling one of my guy friends for some buffers and also I can have my hands on my guitar so I wouldn’t freak out so much (or faint or get a stroke or whatever). Unfortunately he’s not yet in the building so, swell.

The bell already rang it’s first warning. I told myself, ‘Okay. This is now or never. Fuck what happens inside there. Whatever happens will happen.’ So I decided to get inside. I was bracing myself for the most shocking thing in my whole life.

He was sitting on the platform with my friends, then when I got in, he saw me and picked up a bouquet of 12 roses beside him and gave it to me and wished me a happy birthday. I received the bouquet and socially awkward girl strikes again. He was reaching out his hand and I didn’t know what was that for. I kept on smiling and saying thank you and I think he also didn’t know what to do with a girl like me. I’m such a SAG (Socially Awkward Girl).

So, what are the things that needed some explanations? Tons. Right now, I’ll tell you what I think about that event.

First of all, he’s just a crush of mine. Nothing else. As we all know having a crush on a person is like admiring that person for what that person has, either talent, physical looks or whatsoever. In the dictionary, a crush is ‘a brief but intense infatuation for someone, esp. someone unattainable or inappropriate’ (Source: New Oxford American Dictionary). By that statement it implies that my admiration to that guy will wane. It would not last for a long time. And he’s not the only guy in this world for me to have a crush on.

Second, I don’t think he was the one who bought those flowers. It’s impossible. Yesterday I was just nothing for him then suddenly he’s there with a bouquet? Pshaw. I knew my friends were the ones who bought those and they just asked him to give it to me so it’ll look like it came from him. Cool story, bro. Tell it again.

Third and the last, I’m out of the game. I’m going to say this here. He might see this (or they might see this), but this is the only thing that I can do to claim back my petty brittle confidence, I’m going to take it back when I said I have a crush on him. It won’t be good, but that’s the only thing to make me feel good. The surprise was cool, but I need to get back to my self. So to all you girls who like him, you can have him. He’s ALL yours. That’s how I love you, girls out there.

You might think the opening quote contradicts with what I’ve written above. By the word ‘love’ I mean those people who actually bought the flowers. Call me evil for disowning him throughout this post. After this, I don’t want to think about it anymore, even though the bouquet sits on my desk and I’m thinking of ways on how to get a big vase to store and try to preserve that for 2 weeks or so (water with brown sugar works, and air conditioned rooms). And I’m also presenting the true meaning of giving flowers. You might also think why this post is entitled as such. During our Religion class (that’s 1:30-3:00 pm), I was fiddling on the petals while singing The Wanted’s ‘Gold Forever’. I sang that song not because I wanted to treasure that moment (which in fact to be honest I wanted to treasure that moment), but because there were specks of gold on the bouquet.

I sound so negative towards what happened. I am aware of that. But all in all, I am grateful for the day. I thank God for giving me another chance, and a chance to look like I just saw a ghost in front of my crush. All smiles aboard!

Legal Girl

Finally! I am now a legal citizen of the Philippines. I can now legally drive around the country, I can vote on elections, and I can work, on one hand. On the other hand, I can now get in clubs and drink and buy drinks in supermarkets without having my ID checked (Well, since time immemorial the bouncers aren’t checking the IDs of underage teens going in and drinking in pubs and clubs. They just base it on face value. I look like about 19 during my high school days therefore I had access.). I might look like one of those girls wherein the only thing that’s running in their minds is going out partying. I also balance my studies with my social life. I party responsibly, meaning, whenever I feel that my mouth is very sanitized by the alcohol that I take in, I stop drinking and I start dancing like crazy. You know, I was born from a boom box so when I dance, people would think I’m already drunk. No.

The greeting frenzy started on the eve of my birthday. My Aunts and some of my high school friends started wishing me a happy birthday. After I replied to their wishes, I decided to call it a day.

But my birthday started too early.

One of my best friends called me up in the middle of the night (around 12) to wish me a happy birthday. To be frank it was my first time to receive a birthday call in the middle of the night. I was so grateful by the gesture. Then I slept back.

My mother woke me up. She called me up and she was on tears. She wished me a happy birthday and she even sang over the phone in between her sobs. Then I also cried. This is my first time to celebrate my birthday away from home, away from my parents. And it’s my 18th birthday.

Over breakfast, my father called me up. He also greeted me and he sang over the phone. I also cried. I was wiping my eyes over my breakfast and people were looking at me, but I cared less. It’s a father-daughter encounter.

Then during my first subject, luckily the teacher wasn’t there, so my classmates had the opportunity to play the happy birthday song in replay. For an hour and a half they sang the happy birthday song about 4 to 5 times.

Same on my second subject. The teacher was there and he greeted me. Then again, my classmates sang the happy birthday song. Once. Good.

During lunch, my friends and I ate some chicken barbecue. We were craving for it.

When we came back to school, one of my friends went to the coffee shop on the 4th floor to talk to one guy. That guy was my crush. From the way they moved I knew something was up.

And I was right. After lunch, before our 1:30 pm class started, he wished me a happy birthday. Yeah, something was really up.

Then after classes, I thought of randomly treating 2 of my friends as a ‘thank-you’. We went to this Mongolian restaurant and I burned my stomach. Of course, you know me, I fill my bowl with lots of anything spicy. That was my dinner.

I came back to the dorm and saw a lot of people greeted me when I checked on my Facebook and Twitter. I replied to them and I went back to my normal routines.

Unfortunately, my head isn’t with me to make the reflection on my political compass that is due the next day.

So, that’s my day. That commemorated my 18th year here in Earth.