Left or Right, We Stick To The Middle

This post talks about international relations paradigms. It is my assignment in our IRFS opening course but I wanted to share them to you.

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Way Past The Alarm

I hate it when I wake up late and find out that I was holding my phone since the time my phone started the alarm. It’s not a good thing to wake up to, I tend to jump up from my bed and rush to the bathroom. After my bath, it’s still the same. I’m late.

So now, I’m not attending my 7:30 am class. I’ll go to school for my 9:00 class.

Last 24 Hours

I was born last August 29, 1994 in Davao City. I’ve been a very quiet but very quirky (as they say). As years go by I became an outgoing, talkative, quirky girl who jumps almost everywhere. I discovered a lot in life and I got interested in stuffs like playing an instrument and international relations. 


But so far, during my 17 years of existence, who is Tasha?


I really hate that question. Why? Because me myself I can’t answer that. I’ve been good. I’ve been bad. I broke my heart to nonexistent boyfriends. I got on top. I got low. I rose. I fell. Those years I’ve been through have changed who I am right now. I’m not Tasha if I didn’t went through all those crazy things.


Another thing, answering this question means I will come clean. Now, because I’m turning 18 tomorrow and police sirens will scream behind me, I will come clean.


I remembered I lied myself out of some petty messes during high school. Y’know, during those years, people always try to stay on top of the social pyramid. When you have lots of phones you’re damn rich (I only had one, but I didn’t care). When you go out partying you’re a social butterfly (I stayed at home writing novels, but still I didn’t care). When you get invited on lots of events you’re famous (I didn’t get invited because I move like a ninja, no one sees or even notices me). When you have boyfriend or a girlfriend you’re famous.


‘When you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend you’re famous.’ I was stupid back then. I somewhat wanted to be in the social circle before. I was sick of hanging out with the nerds and geeks. I wanted to be part of the scene too. So, because of my stupidness and creativity, I lied and told them that I had a boyfriend. That sticked to them. I told others that someone actually liked me that time. After that, I regretted. I can’t clean myself now.


Another thing. During the last years of my high school life, it was there when people challenged me. A lot of them were talking behind my backs and saying lots of shits about me. Then and there I saw my real friends. Then and there I realized I don’t fit in the social butterfly’s big jigsaw puzzle. Instead, I fit in the crowd but I managed to stand out. Amidst all those shits they throw at me (don’t take that literally), I still managed to stand up straight. For all those tears I shed, I know I was winning.


When I graduated, it was so funny. Because I badly wanted to get out of the city, I almost screamed ‘HASTA LA VISTA, BITCHES AND CUNTS!’ in campus. But I didn’t. I’m a rationally being. Good thing I didn’t do that.


So, tomorrow’s the day. How will I spend my last 24 hours of being oh-so-innocent? Nothing. I’ll do nothing. I’m out of my hometown for college and I decided to just be a normal college student on the eve of my birthday. Sounds boring but I need a sane mind for tomorrow. Nothing major will happen tomorrow but I have classes. It’s okay. I should be ready for this stuffs. My parents won’t always be there to celebrate the birth of me. I should start to deal with reality. But distance shouldn’t be a hindrance. I can have fun, because I am with my friends.


I only have less than 24 hours left for being a juvenile. Tomorrow, I’m legal.